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TAVES 2013 – First Show A Blast!

Although I was invited to contribute products to RMAF, TAVES was my first chance to attend an Audio Show as a vendor. Thanks to the graciousness of Steve from Audio Sensibility who provided me with space at his table TAVES proved to be a great opportunity for exposure. Audio Sensibility has a good profile with quality and affordable products, not to mention the best spot in the venue for vendors, and that drew a lot of people to the table.

Me and Steve-web

I talked to so many people there was barely time for lunch or to sit down but who’s complaining. I met a lot of fellow audiophiles including a lot of people from the Canadian Audio Mart. I also made some great connections and the promises of opportunities in the future.

Of great note was the success of my Dustylus Stylus Cleaner, which seemed to generate some buzz around the show. By the end of the show people were coming to the table specifically to ask to buy it and that was a great feeling. I may even get a distribution contract for this product, which promises to be a strong competitor in the market.

Hopefully for the next show I will have my own table. Can’t wait!

AmCan Audio launches with a invite to the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

This is my first post as I hope to chronicle my venture into the audio industry.  While developing my original series of isolators known as tkubon footers I made several friends along the way on the Canadian Audio Mart and Lenco Heaven websites. One of those friends Scott, a Moderator on Lenco Heaven, was kind enough to ask me to supply isolators for the Saskia Room at the RMAF this year as he was helping Win to set up the room. As I have spent the better part of 2013 developing my new product line I figured that this was a great time to launch my new website and commercial offerings.


As you can see in this picture here those tiny bright spots under the rack are my footers. Yeah! Thanks Scott for this great picture. The next picture is even better as it shows that my product were prominently displayed as physically close to the toilet as possible without throwing them in.


Win was happy with the set up upon their initial listening tests and with little time to experiment, my footers were not used to their fullest potential. All kidding aside I was honored to be a part of the Saskia Room at the RMAF even if my footers only made it under the supporting table.  What a tremendous way to launch a new audio company. Looking forward to more opportunities to come!