AmCan Footers Offered As Upgrades on Dennis Had Hand Built SET Amplifiers

I met Dennis Had when I was looking for a SET amplifier to drive my 100dB Altec Horns. I came across his add on EBay and after reading about the inspiration behind his new line of Inspire Amplifiers I knew that his offering was something not to be passed up. You see Dennis is the former founder and President of Cary Audio of North Carolina. Dennis is now retired but still driven by the enjoyment of amplifier building that he discovered as a kid growing up. Dennis hand builds and signs each amplifier and then sells them on EBay for about a third of the cost of what you would pay for a commercial amplifier of this quality. I personally own a Sweet 807 SET amplifier and custom made 6FM7 preamplifier. What’s scary is that as good as the Sweet 807 is the preamplifier is the absolute gem of the 2 pieces. I have never heard a better preamplifier. The preamp uses a horizontal sweep tube and it is dead quit while still creating the most live sounding musical reproduction that I have ever heard from a 2 channel stereo system. Of course it doesn’t hurt that both my units are equipped with AmCan medium isolation footers.

I like the warm lush sound of the brass footers under the preamp and the liquid smooth presentation of the copper footers under my Sweet 807! I was so Inspired myself by Dennis’s story that I reached out to him and sent him a set of copper footers to try. Dennis uses them on his personal KT88 SET amplifier¬†and is now offering it as an upgrade option to his 6V6 SET. This amplifier is now being offered on EBay and believe me these amps don’t sit for long before they are snatched up. Check out the link below for more information on how to purchase one of Dennis’s amplifiers.


Dennis Had 6L6 SET Amp with AmCan Audio Copper Footers


 Dennis Had LP-2 w/ AmCan Med. Brass and 807 SET w/  AmCan Copper.

Dennis Had LP-2 w/ AmCan Med. Brass and 807 SET w/ AmCan Copper.