Custom Milled Screws

Audio isolation devices can often be limited in their effectiveness when relying solely on the natural weight of the audio component to compress and activate the isolation mechanism. It may be difficult to realize the effects of an isolator when the audio component is light in weight. Often audiophiles will result to placing heavy weights on top of their gear in order to mass load them and make them more stable. In addition, it can be difficult to balance large or a heavy component on isolation pods once they are situated in a rack or restricted in their movement from being hooked together through cables and interconnects.

In order to overcome these common problems we have integrated a custom milled screw system with our Amcan Isolation footers. We can custom make any screw size to fit the already tapped holes in your chassis in order to take the place of the stock feet. We already have a list of commonly used screw sizes from measuring customer’s stock feet. The easiest way to find out what size screw you have in your component is to either remove one foot from your component and fit it with a reciprocal nut from the hardware store of known size or to contact the manufacturer directly to find out. Alternatively you can contact us to find out and if we don’t know we will find out for you.

It is in your best interest to let us know the make and model of the product you are isolating so that we can verify the size of the screw before fitting your Amcan footers with a specific screw size. If in all of our best efforts you end up with the wrong size we will change it at no cost to you but you may incur additional shipping charges. Please contact us for assistance. Here is a list of some already confirmed common thread sizes.