About Us

AmCan Audio was born out of my love for DIY audio projects that started with my home made tkubon isolation footers. The original tkubon footers were made with washers and silicone. Our technology is rooted in sound engineering principles of constant natural frequency isolation used in bridge and skyscraper construction.

The demand for a higher end product and my desire to address some common short comings with typical isolation blocks is what inspired me to launch my line of AmCan Audio Isolation footers. AmCan CNF isolators are true isolators based around the use of a low frequency isolation spring and reenforced with a high frequency isolation cylinder. Each silicone spring is made of high grade platinum based silicone and custom formulated on site. Each high frequency isolation cylinder is CNC milled to spec from high quality steel, brass, and copper. What sets us apart from simple isolation blocks is the fact that our isolators can be secured to the chassis with custom CNC milled steel screws. Optional base inserts can be used to level your component, which is critical for  turntables. All of our products are custom made and hand assembled in the United States and Canada.