I think the Amcan Spears represent one of the best values in the audiophile world! 

Firstly, they look great. The substantial “spear” like design combined with the high quality copper appears fabulous under my full size loudspeaker cabinets. So much so that even my hypercritical wife is impressed. 

Secondly and more importantly, the difference in sound quality is astonishing! I have enjoyed these 3 way loudspeakers costing more than $20 K for over 6 years now and suddenly, with the implementation of the Spears, the darn things have come alive! The restrained sound stage and gentlemanly behaviour disappeared in an instant as the music jumped out of the speakers, the bass full and accurate, the subtle details emerging more transparent han ever and the overall sound very close to “being in the room with the musicians”. 

A quick and shocking lesson that these loudspeakers are amongst the best around if appropriately isolated from the carpet-over-concrete floor! I can only imagine the benefit impact Amcan footers might have on wood floors.

It is a wondrous thing really. My current set up represents my 5th and best go at a stereo system.  So I am keenly aware of the impact little and big changes can make. In footer technology I have used half dozen footers, platforms, spikes, cones, combos and none work anything like this.  And they all appear misfits, either tiny, too bulky or at best purely functional!  The Amcan Spears fit with and make great speakers better.

Sean Leighland