Brass Ignite Series Footer Options

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Footer Option
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By definition an isolator must be a spring. Because the weight of an audio component can vary from front to back or side to side this can leave your gear looking lopsided when using ordinary isolators. AmCan is proud to present the first individual spring loaded isolator that has the ability to be leveled. The brass footer options (flat or spike leveler) are designed to fit the bottom of the large and medium AmCan footers. This option is especially important when attempting to isolate your turntable. Furthermore, the spike leveling option gives the added benefit of having pinpoint contact with the supporting surfaces.  AmCan footers are the only footer that can give you the benefits of both spring and spike isolation, while being securely screwed into place. Minimizing the contact of the audio component with the supporting surface reduces the amount of vibration that can enter the system.  Thus increasing the efficiency of the silicone spring by reducing the effects of external vibration on the system.

Available in the following sizes: Levelers and screws sold separately


Medium are 1.5″ OD  Spike levelers add .5″ht

Large are 2.0″OD  Flat levelers add .25″ in ht, Spikes add 1″ht

Prices are per item in U.S. $      Please select size and number in menu.


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