DuSt-ylus Stylus Cleaner


Hard bristle brushes can snag and damage your stylus where the potential exist for fluids to travel up the stylus and into the coils of a MC cartridge. The answer is to use a soft tacky silicone to gently grab the dust away from the needle and stylus. This stylus cleaner is also effective at removing vinyl residue from your needle.


The DuStylus stylus cleaner should be placed on the platter in the path of the cartridge. The cartridge is then lowered with the cantilever until the tip of the stylus is gently compressed into the silicone. The cantilever is then raised. When pulled away the dust and vinyl residue will come away from the needle. The DuStylus stylus cleaner can be periodically washed with soap and water or isopropyl alcohol to remove the vinyl and dust residue away making the surface clean as new to use again.


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