Steel Excite Series Footer

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The Amcan 303 Stainless Steel Excite series delivers crisp clean extended highs and a tight bass response. With the 303 stainless steel footers you simply get more from your music with less distortion. With the addition of our custom formulated proprietary silicone as an isolation spring there is added tonal clarity unmatched by any other isolator on the market. The combination of liveliness and tonal clarity brings a naturalness to the music that can Excite your obsession for music all over again.

Available in the following sizes: Levelers and screws sold separately

Small are 1″ OD and 1″ht   no levelers available

Medium are 1.5″ OD and 1.25″ht   Spike levelers add .5″ht

Large are 2.0″OD and 1.635″ht    flat levelers add.25″ in ht, Spikes add 1″ht

Prices are per item in U.S. $      Please select size and number in menu.