AmCan Isolators

These audio isolation footers are CNC milled in your choice of 303 Stainless Steel, Brass, or pure Copper. The footers are then filled with our proprietary silicone, which acts like a spring. The footers are designed to be used either with or without screws. When used without screws the weight of the audio component activates the isolator by compressing the silicone against the cylindrical steel walls. The resulting effect is a darkened, more accurate and detailed soundstage. This is known as Constant Natural Frequency Isolation (CNF)

The original screw taps of the audio component can be utilized to push the performance of the AmCan isolators even further. The AmCans can be screwed into the existing screw taps thus allowing you to increase the amount of compression of the silicone spring against the chassis. The result is greater isolation . This solves the problem often encountered when using softer rubbers like sorbothane that eventually lose their resiliency and flatten under the weight of the component. Because we can mechanically increase the amount of compression by torqueing down the footer we can use a more resilient and durably formulated silicone. This also gives you the ability to tune the Amcan Isolator. This is known as a Variable Stiffness Isolator. (VSI)

Amcan Isolation Footers are Available in three sizes small (70g), medium(200g), and large(500g).

ALL of my products have a 30 day trial period and carry a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee if returned undamaged.